Maryam Nawaz kicks off PML-N’s election campaign with Okara rally

OKARA: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Senior Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Monday kicked off her party’s election campaign with a public rally in Okara.

Addressing the rally, Maryam Nawaz said PML-N supremo and her father Nawaz Sharif had sent her to lead the Okara rally.

She hurled an array of criticism at Imran Khan during the address and blamed him of orchestrating and carrying out May 9 violent attacks. She mocked the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) founder over snatching of his electoral symbol saying that his election symbol should not be bat but a “baton”.

The PML-N chief organiser also dubbed his party as a group of terrorists. “A terrorist group could not be given a political party’s electoral symbol,” she said.

“Your electoral symbol should be the watch that you stole or the petrol bomb that you hurled on police officials,” she said, adding “what goes around comes around”.

“Your electoral symbol was not bat but baton with which you attacked military installments. The baton has been snatched from your hand,” she maintained.

Maryam said the PTI was facing was a result of what they sowed against others. Imran was used to being a blue-eyed boy, she said. She said neither the PML-N nor Nawaz were taking revenge from the PTI, she said.

The one who used to call others thieves himself stole watches from the Toshakhana, she said.

“The facility to get (desired) verdicts by calling (judge’s) mother-in-law is not available anymore,” Maryam claimed, adding that they should ask their lawyers to appear in court fully prepared.

Maryam said they would have thought they could win an election like 2018 by shutting down the RTS button. The facility was no longer available, she said. She said his umpires and forgery both were exposed.

Luring the rally’s participants to vote for the PML-N, she said the faster and more you vote for the party the sooner you will become prosperous, inflation will drop and utility bills will be deflated.

“You have to stamp the lion symbol on election day. Stamp on lion symbol on February 8 to make the country rich. Our government’s entire focus will be on cutting inflation. My main focus will be on improving youth’s future,” she said.