Pakistan-China friendship crucial for regional peace, development, Ishaq Dar tells Ambassador Jiang

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : Pakistan and China friendship has deepened into an all-round strategic partnership which is crucial for the prosperity, well-being, and peace and stability of not only the peoples of the two countries but the entire region.

PML-N Senator Ishaq Dar expressed these views during a visit to the Chinese Embassy on the invitation of the Ambassador Jiang Zaidong. The two sides discussed and explored the various avenues, especially available for both countries in Pakistan in order to enhance the existing economic and strategic cooperation.

He appreciated the Chinese continuous support to Pakistan on multiple fronts and also during crises situations and natural calamities. While expressing satisfaction over the existing level of cooperation between the two countries, Senator Dar pointed out that there exists a huge potential to enhance collaboration in key areas such as agriculture, trade, investment, IT and financial sectors.

Ambassador Jiang warmly reciprocated the sentiments of goodwill and friendship extended by Senator Dar for the Chinese people and the government. He concurred that Pak-China iron brotherhood is indeed a pivot for peace, stability and shared prosperity in the region and beyond.

He also recalled and appreciated the endeavors made by Senator Dar as former finance minister of Pakistan for deepening and augmenting the multi-stratum cooperation. He reiterated China’s resolve to work closely with Pakistan and the next elected government after the February 2024 general elections to expedite progress on mutually beneficial ventures especially CPEC that aimed to promote inclusive and shared development in the region.