China denounces U.S. remarks on Nauru breaking ties with Taiwan

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : A Chinese official on Tuesday denounced U.S. remarks on Nauru’s decision to cut ties with Taiwan. An American official had termed Nauru’s decision “unfortunate.”

The Republic of Nauru, located in the Pacific, announced on Monday that it would sever the so-called “diplomatic relations” with the Taiwan authorities on its official social media handle, adding that it recognized that there is but one China in the world and that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory.

The United States has blatantly made irresponsible remarks on decisions made independently by sovereign countries, tried its best to slander and smeared China’s diplomacy, and made excuses for Taiwan to expand “international space,” said Mao Ning, spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry, in a regular press briefing.

This seriously violates the one-China principle and the three Sino-U.S. joint communiqués and seriously interferes in China’s internal affairs, Mao added, stressing China’s opposition.