Tareen vows to serve people if voted to power


Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP) Chairman Jahangir Tareen on Tuesday pledged to prioritize youth employment and adopt a forward-looking strategy to address the nation’s challenges if his party secures power in the February 8 elections.

The IPP chief was speaking during a corner meeting at the residence of the former tehsil nazim Syed Asghar Shah Geelani.

Reposing trust in the people of Lodhran, Tareen noted that the residents of the city gave him respect, adding that it was his responsibility to serve them to “pay back their debt”.

He said after casting their ballots, the voters would acknowledge that they had chosen the “right party”.
The IPP leader maintained that with the passage of time his inclination towards work increased. “The name Lodharan will be heard throughout Pakistan if the people help us succeed,” he said.

Taking a dig at PTI’s founding member Imran Khan, Tareen stated that “everything changed” when the former became the premier.


I started a new party since I had been working for them (PTI) day and night for 10 or 12 years, he said, adding that the prime minister’s seat was a “dangerous thing” while noting that a “monarch thinks that he is everything”.

In a veiled reference to the powers that be, Tareen observed that the individuals who had “appointed him (Imran) as prime minister are likewise forgotten”.

Expressing his resolve to alleviate the burden of masses, the IPP leader emphasized the importance of a forward-looking approach, casting aside the shadows of bygone days.

“Now we have to look into the future. We now need to think about the nation. If Pakistan grows, Lodhran and its people will also grow. Countries are not run like they were run in previous eras,” he said.

“The economy of the country is strong. Providing jobs to the youth will be our first priority. Pakistan should be respected in the world. We have to think for Pakistan,” he added.

Tareen also held meetings with party leaders and workers.

Candidates for PP-228 constituency Nazir Khan Baloch and Syed Asghar Shah Geelani also spoke on the occasion.