Nauru recognizes one-China principle as locals celebrate

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : Nauru, a pearl in the Pacific Ocean, attracts tourists from across the world with its beautiful tropical scenery and unique customs.
The island country on Monday announced that it will recognize the one-China principle and sever “diplomatic relations” with Taiwan authorities. Xinhua hired a local reporter and set up a reporting office in Nauru on the same day.
After a five-hour flight from Brisbane, Australia, a Xinhua correspondent arrived at the Nauru Airport, becoming the first Chinese reporter to enter the Pacific island nation after Nauru’s government announced that it is willing to resume diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China.
Nauru’s sunshine and people leave a strong impression on visitors. The island nation, located about 42 km south of the equator, enjoys a tropical rainforest climate.
Feeling happy about the government’s decision, a Nauruan who only identified herself as Sarabi told Xinhua at the airport that people in Nauru welcome more Chinese tourists to come and hope Nauru and China become good partners.
The Parliament Building, museums and World War II Monument on the small island all feature historical and cultural characteristics of Pacific island countries.
Chinese companies have been working in Nauru for years to help improve local infrastructure. China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. undertook the project of re-developing the Aiwo Port, including building a new wharf and a revetment, among other facilities.
Zhu Wei has been working on the project for five years. As a production manager, Zhu said that the new wharf has played a significant role in improving local logistics capacity.
“In the past, the old wharf was too small for container ships to dock directly, and they only came once every two months. Now the containers can dock directly at the new wharf, and they come every month or even every 20 days,” Zhu said.
On Sept. 3, 2022, the new wharf was inaugurated and became operational. Nauru’s trade of goods formerly relied on transshipment at sea; now container ships can directly unload goods at the wharf. Zhu recalled that many people excitedly poured into the port to take pictures.
“I do recognize the one-China principle and I agree with the government. It severed relations with Taiwan. It’s good. I have high expectations for the China-Nauru relationship,” said Joshua Scotty, a local legal practitioner.
“China, Nauru, we are one,” Sarabi told Xinhua.