Pak-Iran tension would not affect general elections, assures ECP

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and the government have said that Pak-Iran tension would not affect the general elections slated for February 8 and its schedule.

To a query, if the border tension between Pakistan and Iran would affect the polls and its schedule, the ECP spokesperson said the commission was determined and focused on holding elections as scheduled and on the announced date.

“The ECP is busy in preparation for the elections and there is no proposal or consideration about reviewing the election date because of the Pak-Iran tension.

“We are working as usual and all set to hold elections on February 8,” he said.

Information Minister Murtaza Solangi when approached also said that elections will be held on time. He said that the Pakistan-Iran tension will not affect the elections and its schedule.

The minister believed that the situation between Pakistan and Iran would now start de-escalating. He lamented that certain elements including some from the media are trying to use all sorts of excuses to see the elections delayed, which Solangi assured will be held on Feb 8.

When asked about the security requirements needed to hold the elections, the information minister said that the government will provide the required security to the ECP for the holding of elections in a peaceful manner. “There is now no backstepping from general elections on the announced date,” assured the minister.