33 Pakistani students graduate from China Three Gorges scholarship program

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : China Three Gorges Corporation recently held its CTG-Pakistan relocation scholarship stage acceptance symposium at Jiangxi University of Science and Technology (JUST).

The CTG-Pakistan Program, established by CTG, aims to support the Belt and Road initiative and the development of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, in which CTG is an active participant.

The scholarship was established to assist Pakistani students in completing their studies and achieving their dreams, while also contributing to the development and implementation of clean energy. So far, the company has sponsored two groups of 33 Pakistani students to complete their studies, and 13 of the graduates are currently employed at Karot Hydropower Plant.

The program is the first full scholarship program in Pakistan funded by Chinese enterprises with long-term planning. CTG will contribute at least USD 1 million to fund up to 100 students with full scholarships. The program began in 2017 and will enroll five groups of students in total.

The scholarship program adopts a ‘2+2’ collaborative education model, in which the first two years of the program will be completed at University of Punjab, and the latter two years will be completed at JUST.