Baloch protesters call off over 30 day-long sit-in from outside NPC in Islamabad

The Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC) on Tuesday called off their over 30 day-long sit-in outside the National Press Club (NPC) in Islamabad.

Baloch protesters had been protesting in the federal capital since December 20, 2023 against “enforced disappearances and extra-judicial killings”.

Activist Dr Mahrang Baloch, one of the protest organisers, said they are returning to Balochistan from Islamabad.

“We will hold a rally in Balochistan on January 27,” she added.

The development comes a day after NPC Islamabad on Monday lodged a complaint with the Kohsar Police Station requesting to remove the Baloch protesters from the open park in front of the NPC.

According to The News, the club’s administration, in its complaint, felt a security threat due to certain reasons as many political and social personalities of national stature visit the NPC to attend different functions.

The NPC administration said that the protesters’ sit-in had been going on for over two months, causing financial loss as the people belonging to political and social sectors, avoided to hold press conferences and other political and social functions at the NPC.

Last month, Islamabad police launched a crackdown on Baloch protesters and dismantled their camps set up outside the National Press Club.

Most of the protesters were arrested by the police, a move that sparked anguish across the country.

The government had initially defended the crackdown, declaring it a necessary measure to avoid a “catastrophe”.

Following the outcry over the crackdown, all Baloch protesters were released after a week-long detention.