PIA air hostess Faiza Mukhtar goes ‘missing’ in Canada

KARACHI(PEN) : Another Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) air hostess went ‘missing’ from a hotel after his arrival in Toronto, Canada from Lahore.

Airhostess Faiza Mukhtar arrived in Toronto from Lahore via the national airline’s flight, PK-781, earlier this week.

The mysterious missing of the PIA official came to light when she didn’t report for duty on a flight back to Pakistan. Subsequently, the matter was brought to the notice of the airline management and Canadian immigration authorities.

The PIA has launched a departmental action against the air hostess. Reports said the airlines has decided to contact the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for taking an action against the PIA officials slipping away in Canada.

A number of flight stewards have been slipped into Canada for citizenship in the past.