China makes remarkable progress in developing advanced aeroengines

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : China has developed a series of advanced small- and medium-sized aeroengines represented by “Yulong” (Jade Dragon), AES100, AEF100 and AEP100, according to a symposium on the latest development of domestic aeroengines held in Beijing on Wednesday.

Aeroengine, or aircraft engine, is known as the “pearl in the crown” of modern industry and is a technical peak that is pursued by world powers.

The Yulong turboshaft aeroengine is the first entirely domestically developed engine that has completed the whole process from pre-research, development, mass production, operation to further progress, during which China has formed strong capabilities in product research and development, verification, and system and talent support.

The AES100 engine is developed in strict accordance with airworthiness regulations, featuring an international advanced level in its comprehensive performance.

It can be applied in twin-engine helicopters of 5 to 6 tonnes or single-engine helicopters of 3 to 4 tonnes, for multiple purposes such as sightseeing, patrolling, police service and rescue.

The AEF100 engine meets the power needs of 5-tonne business jets and 3-to-5-tonne high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). It boasts advanced design of low noise, low emission and high reliability.

The AEP100 engine fits a 3-to-10 tonne UAV or 6-tonne general aircraft and business jet, with economic, safe and reliable features.

The country has also developed hybrid power systems, including the turbine engine powered by hydrogen fuel, which will reduce carbon emissions.