Muslim Countries Should Stop Israel from Genocide of Palestinians : Nader Al-Turk

Alkhidmat of Pakistan to set up grand hospital at Rifah border for Palestinians : Hamid Ather Malik

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : Deputy Head of Mission of Palestine Mr. Nader Al-Turk has raised question for whole Muslim world that First Qibla is for Palestinians only or for all Muslims? The Muslim countries should play their role to stop Israel from Genocide of Palestinians. Moreover the Head of Alkhidmat organization of Pakistan has shared that the organization will set up a grand hospital at Rifah near the border of Gaza with Egypt. 3 Thousand Pakistani doctors are ready to leave for Rifah to provide medical treatment to the injured people of Gaza. 50 % doctors are female who will take care of their sisters and children of Gaza who survived Israeli attacks but their health is not fine. Alkhidmat has also pledged to construct the schools , hospitals destroyed in Israeli bombardment. Alkhidmat is also determined to establish orphan centers to provide shelter to the children who lost their parents in the attacks.

Mr. Nader Al-Turk and Mr. Hamid Ather Malik head of Alkhidmat Islamabad said this in a forum on ” 100 Days of Genocide of Palestinian Citizen” hosted by Mr. Tazeen Akhtar at his plateform “Pakistan in the World” in collaboration with Friends Group Islamabad. Deputy Head of Mission of Palestine Mr Nader Al-Turk was chief guest while Chairman of Friends Group Mr. Nadeem Manzoor Bega also expressed his views on the topic.

Nader Alturk raised question that if USA and the West is supporting Israel, it means the whole Islamic world is not as important for USA and the West as Israel alone. He lamented on the response of big Muslim countries on the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza and questioned them Al-quds is sacred for Palestinians only? This is the first Qibla for Palestinians only or for the whole Muslim World? If it is for whole Muslim world then when they will perform their duty toward their first Qibla?

Nader Al-Turk briefed the guests about the conspiracies of Israel to establish a Greater Israel from Nile river to Euphrates river. He showed a map in this regard as well. Here it is worth mentioning that the two lines on the flag of Israel represent the two rivers. He also apprised the participants about the chronology of occupation of Israel on Palestinian territories during different phases since 1948.

The Israelis destroyed infrastructure, mosques, churches, schools and universities in the Gaza Strip and destroyed about 80% of homes and buildings. Alkhidmat Global started its assistance operations in Palestine in 2019. Alkhidmat sent relief soon after 7 Oct 2023 as well. A plane was sent with National Disaster Management Authority while 5 planes have been sent with the help of Pakistan Air Force so far.

Mr Nader Al-Turk highlighted the gruesome acts of violation of humanity as well as international law by Israeli forces in Gaza and West Bank. He shared, “Since October 7, 2023, Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people have continued, and genocide and ethnic cleansing have continued. In the Gaza Strip, we have 25,000 martyrs and 62,000 wounded, most of whom are children and women, and we have 10,000 missing people under the rubble of demolished buildings. We have more than 350 martyrs in the West Bank and hundreds of wounded.”

How long will the injustice against the Palestinian people continue since 1948, and even since the British occupation of Palestine in 1918, which came to implement the Balfour Declaration in 1917 to establish a national homeland for the Zionists in Palestine?He provided a historical background on the Palestinian issue and the projects to divide Palestine to establish a national homeland for the Zionists on the land of Palestine to implement the Balfour Declaration in 1917. To emphasize that the Palestinian issue did not begin on October 7, 2023.

DHM Palestine said, “Since October 9, 2023, there have been 2.3 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip subject to collective punishment. Since that day, they have been without water, food, medicine, or medical supplies, and without electricity, gas, or fuel as well. About 2 million Palestinians were displaced from their homes, many of whom live in tents, after about 80% of the buildings in the Gaza Strip were destroyed. Every day we have 10 Palestinian children who lose a limb (hand or leg). ”

Some days ago, there was a video of a Palestinian doctor father whose daughter was injured and had to amputate her leg in the kitchen of his home in Gaza because he was unable to reach the hospital.

“There are 36 hospitals and dozens of medical centers in the Gaza Strip, most of which are out of service, and the rest of the hospitals are unable to provide services to the injured due to the lack of medical supplies, as they only have medical gauze, salt water, and some medical disinfectants. The failure of this colonial plan begins with the failure of the Zionist plan in the Gaza Strip. There is still an opportunity for all of humanity to cooperate to thwart this, Nader Al-Turk shared.

Nadeem Manzoor Bega said that our founder of Pakistan quaid e azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah said that Israel is illegal state and Pakistan will never recognize Israel as state. He said we will never leave our Palestinian brothers and sisters alone. This is our national and religious duty to support them in whatever capacity we can.

The forum was attended by the representatives of different segments of civil society of Pakistan, selected opinion makers and intellectuals. They included Ms Rubab Tabassum, Naveed Ahmad Khan, Shams Abbasi, Nayyer Siddiqi, Afzal Shakir, Raja Burhan ul Haqq, Mirza Zia ul Islam, Mateen Khan, Adnan Haidar and others. They reiterated their solidarity with Palestinian brothers and sisters. They have condemned Israeli brutal attacks on the civilians’ residential areas and termed these attacks as Genocide of Palestinians that should be stopped immediately and Israel should be brought to book for her heinous war crimes against innocent children , women and elderly of Gaza strip.