China Southern Airlines to resume Urumqi-Kashgar-Islamabad route

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : China Southern Airlines, one of Asia’s largest carriers, will resume the Urumqi-Kashgar-Islamabad route from January 27, offering round-trip flights (CZ8019/20) every Saturday.


This reinstatement after nearly 15 years of suspension strengthens connectivity between China and Pakistan, adding to the existing two routes between Pakistan and Xinjiang, China.


Kashgar, serving as the starting point of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and a significant node in the Asia-Europe Golden Passage, plays a vital role as a strategic gateway for western development, China Economic Net (CEN) reported on Wednesday.


Liu Zhong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Administrative Office of Kashgar, expressed his belief that the opening of the Urumqi-Kashgar-Islamabad route would significantly facilitate international trade and cooperation between China and Pakistan.


“This development will contribute to the high-quality construction and development of the China (Xinjiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone, specifically in the Kashgar region,” he added.


The establishment of the China (Xinjiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone on November 1, 2023, positions Kashgar as one of the three key zones within it.


Ali Khan, an experienced participant in import-export activities between Pakistan and China in Kashgar, emphasized the pivotal role of resuming the air route in facilitating business transactions.


He stated, “The Urumqi-Kashgar-Islamabad route signifies a significant milestone in strengthening air connectivity between China and Pakistan. It enables us to transport our products more quickly and conveniently.”


The reopening of the Urumqi-Kashgar-Islamabad route provides efficient and convenient air transportation support for the development of tourism, foreign trade, commerce, transportation, and related industries in Islamabad, Pakistan and Xinjiang, China particularly in the Kashgar region.


Moreover, it will contribute to the overall development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, further solidifying the bilateral ties between the two countries.