Pakistan Commercial Center Launched at ICT Belt and Road Union

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : In a bid to promote high-quality economic and trade cooperation between China and Pakistan and on a wider scale, Mr. Zheng Chuanjun, Deputy Secretary General of the ICT Belt and Road Union, and Ms. Ayesha Khan, representative of Lasiro Limited, signed an agreement to launch the Pakistan Commercial Center at the ICT Belt and Road Union on January 22.

The launch of the center was witnessed by government officials, business leaders and more than 500 global entrepreneurs in the fields of digital economy and industrial investment at the 2024 Future Opportunity Investment Conference.

The Pakistan Commercial Center will serve as a one-stop shop for Pakistani businesses looking to expand their reach in China by providing membership services for Pakistani enterprises in China or preparing to enter China, including market research, legal advice and other essential services to support businesses in their international endeavors. It will provide a platform for exporters, importers and investors to connect, negotiate deals and explore opportunities with the Belt and Road partners.

The ICT Belt and Road Union is a partnership between China and other Belt and Road countries, aimed at promoting trade, investment, and cultural exchanges. The center is expected to act as a catalyst for increased trade between Pakistan and other Belt and Road countries. It will also enable Pakistani businesses to access new markets, improve their competitiveness and contribute to the country’s economic development.