ECP imposes fines on 24 candidates for violating Code of Conduct

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has taken action against 24 candidates and a local government chairman for violating the Code of Conduct during elections, imposing fines as a penalty.


In NA-23 Mardan, candidate Aqib Ismail has been fined Rs 50,000, while from PK-99, Awami National Party (ANP) candidate Noorani Khan has been imposed a fine of Rs 10,000.


Similarly, candidate Ikram-ul-lah Ghazi from PK-39 has been fined Rs 10,000. These fines, totaling various amounts, have been submitted to the national treasury through the returning officers (ROs) as a consequence of the candidates’ breaches.


In PP-214, candidates Shahzad Maqbool Bhatta and Muhammad Sharif Rajput have each been fined Rs 15,000. In PP-282, candidate Usama Gujjar has been fined Rs 20,000.


The Election Commission has issued a total of 71 notices to candidates and others across various districts for violating the model Code of Conduct during the election process.


These actions underscore the Election Commission’s commitment to ensure a fair and orderly electoral environment.