Nawaz reiterates pledge to address common man’s issues

LAHORE (PEN) – Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif reiterated on Monday his promise to alleviate problems facing the common man and make Pakistan self-sufficient, saying the PML-N would leave no stone unturned to address these challenges upon assuming power in the upcoming general elections.

Speaking at the inauguration of a party election office in NA-130, the PML-N supremo deplored that he was innocent yet made to endure punishment.

Nawaz, in a pointed comment directed at the founder of PTI, stated that the one who served as a watchdog in his legal matters was gone, emphasising the idea that “a guilty conscience requires no accuser”.

Recalling his disqualification by a bench of the apex court, Nawaz castigated the conspirators saying, “The judges who deposed me are all gone. One by one, they all unveiled their true faces. They came and went, but Nawaz Sharif stands before you. They all left, while I am here in front of you.”

He added that even the judge aspiring to become the chief justice of Pakistan had resigned, illustrating the proverb that suggests “the guilty often serve as their own informers”.

The former three-time premier recalled that during his stints as the country’s prime minister, “there was peace in every household. Flour was cheap. Sugar and ghee were affordable.” If Nawaz Sharif had not been sent packing, people would not have been unemployed, he asserted.

Nawaz affirmed that serving his brothers and sisters brought him immense happiness. “It’s a relationship that fills me with pride and joy. We must bring back those times, revive your homes, and stand this country and nation on its feet again.”

Nawaz said that he desired to continue the same work that people expected from him, stating that his party’s agenda was to make Pakistan self-sufficient. “We will fulfill this agenda, standing this country and nation on its own feet.”

Upon assuming power after the elections, Nawaz assured that the PML-N would leave no stone unturned to alleviate the difficulties of the common man. “I see hope in your eyes,” he said, adding that if his government had continued, there would have been no mention of inflation.

Nawaz pledged that the PML-N would aim to provide dignified employment to the youth. He requested the constituents to support his party which, according to him, had faced many setbacks.