China set 2025, 2027 goals for development of ‘future industries’

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : China will support the technological innovation, industrial cultivation and safety governance of “future industries,” according to a government guideline.

A batch of incubators and pilot zones of future industries should be built by 2025, while breakthroughs should be achieved in about 100 core technologies in key fields, according to the guideline released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and six other ministries and agencies on Monday.

Future industries refer to new industries integrated with “frontier technologies,” such as metaverse, humanoid robots, brain-computer interface and quantum information, according to the guideline.

The guideline also set a goal for 2027, when China’s general strength of future industries is expected to gain significant momentum, with major breakthroughs achieved in key technologies, and with China leading some areas.

The authorities will coordinate national and local resources, encourage financial and fiscal support of promising start-ups, and facilitate international cooperation in the research and development of the future technologies.

The guideline called for efforts to develop signature products, enrich application scenarios and optimize industrial supporting systems for future industries, with a particular focus on six key fields including manufacturing, information, materials, energy, space and health.

A catalog for promoting cutting-edge technologies should be published to propel the application of advanced technological achievements, the guideline said.