US stays mum on PTI founder’s cipher case verdict, emphasizes adherence to rule of law

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : The United States has refrained from commenting on the recent sentencing of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) founder in the Cipher case, affirming its stance in support of democratic governance and the rule of law in Pakistan.

US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller stated, “We support the rule of law in other countries, including Pakistan. We encourage all parties to respect the judicial process and uphold democratic principles.” This statement avoids taking sides in the case, opting instead to emphasize the importance of fair trials and adherence to democratic values.

Miller declined to delve into the specifics of PTI’s legal entanglements, citing ongoing judicial proceedings in Pakistan.

In a recent development, the Official Secret Act Court judge, Abul Hasnat Zulqarnain, sentenced both Imran Khan and Shah Mahmood Qureshi to 10 years in prison following the conclusion of the Cipher case proceedings.

The court emphasized the prosecution’s presentation of substantial evidence supporting the charges. Both accused were present in the courtroom during the sentencing, and they opted not to sign the 342 statement questionnaire.

Recalling events leading up to the case, it is noteworthy that former Prime Minister Imran Khan, before the conclusion of his government on March 27, 2022, revealed a letter (cipher) during a public meeting in Islamabad.

In his claims, he asserted that the letter, allegedly from a foreign government, outlined a plan to overthrow the government. The Cipher case has since become a focal point in the legal and political landscape, drawing attention both domestically and internationally.