Pakistani delegation visits Shenzhen, China to promote economic development

BEIJING (PEN) : President of China-Pakistan Business Development Council, Mohammad Amjad led a delegation from Zaryans Business Group visited Wenjie Technology in Shenzhen.
The Council is committed to promoting economic and trade development between China and Pakistan.
Taking on the responsibility of enterprise development, talent and project incubation, and brand promotion, the organization strives to actively expand cooperation channels and business models between Chinese and Pakistani enterprises.
Under the framework of China-Pakistan Business Development Council, Zaryans and Wenjiao Tech conducted in-depth discussions on the development of “digital + culture,” “digital + agriculture,” and “digital + film and television” industries, and reached relevant strategic cooperation.
Founded in 1986, Zaryans Business Group comprises 15 companies involved in poultry and animal husbandry, construction manufacturing, and the development of dynamic digital media platforms.
Wenjie Technology is a comprehensive digital service platform for cultural tourism industry and finance. Leveraging advanced digital technology and abundant resources, Wenjie Technology offers comprehensive services for cultural tourism, finance, and other industries to facilitate industrial digital transformation.
In the future, the two sides will collaborate to establish a digital application platform for film and television, to increase awareness of Chinese and Pakistani culture, and to strengthen mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples.
By establishing a foundation for agricultural digitization applications, both parties can collaborate to explore digital solutions tailored to Pakistan’s agricultural needs and advance the modernization of the agricultural sector.