Hammad Azhar withdraws from electoral race

ISLAMABAD (PEN) – The PTI leader and former minister Hammad Azhar has renounced to contest general elections by withdrawing his appeal against rejection of nomination papers.

Supreme Court’s Justice Mansoor Ali Shah and Justice Jamal MandoKhel heard the case of Hammad Azhar’s nomination papers rejection.

The assistant lawyer told the court that Hammad Azhar didnt want to follow the case.

Justice Shah inquired, why the high court had given reference of Article 62 (i)-F in its decision. “The court’s verdict has been clear that the Article 62 (i)-F not applicable by itself,” Justice Mansoor Ali Shah remarked.

Justice Mansoor remarked, Hammad Azhar’s decision would not benefit him while Justice Jamal said, Hammad Azhar didn’t want to surrender.

Afterwards, Hammad Azhar’s counsel withdrew the appeal from the court and former minister announced to sway away from general elections.

It must be noted that Hammad Azhar was contesting the general election from NA-129 constituency as an independent candidate earlier.