Petroleum Conference 2024 fuels collaborative solutions, investment opportunities

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : On January 30, Islamabad hosted the Petroleum Conference 2024, a culmination of efforts by the Ministry of Energy.

The conference brought together notable national and international experts and representatives, fostering collaboration among industry leaders, experts, and government stakeholders.

Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar, the Special Guest and Prime Minister of Pakistan, presided over the event, with provincial Chief Ministers representing their respective regions.

International delegates, government officials, policymakers, regulators, and investors from the energy and petroleum sectors actively participated, making the conference a platform for extensive networking and collaboration.

The event facilitated discussions with industry experts, exploration of potential partnerships, and awareness of the latest sector advancements.

Petroleum Conference 2024 holds significance in addressing industry challenges, finding solutions, and fortifying investments in the sector.

The partners expressed optimism about the conference’s potential to bring about a notable shift in policies and to encourage increased investment in Pakistan’s petroleum sector.

Participants also highlighted the opportunities for Chinese petroleum companies to invest in Pakistan, emphasizing the promising future of the country and the potential for flourishing China-Pakistan relations.

Despite observed declines in onshore production, partners acknowledged the existing possibilities to increase production and explore gas resources in Pakistan.

The Petroleum Conference 2024 is anticipated to play a crucial role in fostering collaboration, attracting investments, and driving growth in Pakistan’s petroleum industry.