ECP decides to shrink ballot papers size

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : The Election Commission of Pakistan  (ECP) announced on Wednesday a reduction in the size of the ballot paper for the upcoming election slated to take place on February 8.

During a high-level meeting convened to discuss the reprinting of ballot papers in certain constituencies, the Election Commission disclosed that the move to downsize the ballot paper is a response to the shortage of special security paper and time constraints.

The statement highlighted that the reprinting process has been necessitated by recent court decisions impacting various constituencies.

Moreover, the electoral watchdog the magnitude of the challenge, citing the need for a substantial amount of special security paper. In 2018, a total of 800 tons were utilized for printing ballot papers.

However, the surge in the number of candidates in the 2024 elections has escalated the requirement to a staggering 2400 tons.

“The availability of security paper for reprinting, coupled with the timely printing process, poses a significant challenge for the Election Commission,” the statement read.

To mitigate the shortage and streamline the printing process, the Election Commission has taken the unprecedented step of reducing the size of the ballot paper.

Addressing concerns about the reprinting challenges, the ECP acknowledged that it is grappling with a substantial task but affirmed its commitment to ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process.