‘No celebration over Imran’s jail sentence,’ Bilawal asserts democratic values

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari disapproved on Wednesday the celebration over former premier Imran Khan’s jail sentence in cipher and Toshakhana cases.

Addressing a gathering in Malakand, Bilawal Bhutto expressed his disapproval of celebrating the punishment of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, highlighting the importance of democratic values over personal vendettas.

During the address, Bilawal Bhutto drew attention to the irony of political opponents celebrating the absence of a former prime minister from electoral contests.

He warned against engaging in revenge politics, citing concerns that if Imran Khan were to secure a fourth term, similar tactics might be employed.

Nawaz Sharif’s Alleged Revenge Politics

Bilawal Bhutto accused Nawaz Sharif of resorting to revenge politics, alleging that the former prime minister fabricated cases against Bhutto’s daughter.

He cautioned against the potential continuation of such practices and urged the public to consider the consequences of electing leaders who prioritize personal vendettas.

The PPP chairman expressed disappointment over what he called Imran Khan’s shift from being a beacon of hope for the youth to engaging in what he termed “U-turn politics.”

Bilawal Bhutto took a swipe at Khan’s actions, particularly regarding the incarceration of political opponents and their family members.

Bilawal Bhutto appealed to the electorate to vote thoughtfully in the upcoming elections on February 8. He urged voters to consider the track record of political parties and emphasized the need for a responsible and constructive political landscape.

The former foreign minister asserted that the PPP is the only party capable of halting the political aspirations of Mian Sahib, presumably referring to Nawaz Sharif. Bhutto accused the founder of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) of making decisions that contributed to the rise of terrorism in the country.

In a bid to distinguish the PPP’s approach, Bilawal Bhutto pledged that on the first day of coming to power, he would release political prisoners. He vowed to address the grievances of the people by reducing the number of ministries and focusing on providing relief to the masses.

Bilawal Bhutto concluded his address with an appeal to the people of Pakistan to embrace a new way of thinking. He urged ideological workers of other political parties, particularly the PML-G, to reconsider their allegiances, alleging that the party was not honoring the vote but disrespecting it.