China‘s acceptance of new Afghan ambassador, normal diplomatic arrangement: Wang Wenbin

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : China’s acceptance of the appointment of the new Afghan ambassador to China by the Afghan interim government is a normal diplomatic arrangement, Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson, Wang Wenbin said on Wednesday.


“It is normal diplomatic arrangements for China to receive the new ambassador to China, sent by the Afghan interim government and for him to present his credentials to the Chinese leader,” he said during his regular briefing in response to a question whether China formally recognizes the Afghan interim government?


He said that China’s policy on Afghanistan was consistent and clear. As a traditionally friendly neighbor of Afghanistan, China was committed to a foreign policy of friendship towards all Afghan people and has maintained diplomatic ties and exchange and cooperation in various areas with Afghanistan.


Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday in Beijing received credentials of ambassadors from many countries, including Afghanistan.


The spokesperson hoped that the international community would step up engagement and exchange with the Afghan interim government, encourage it to actively respond to international concerns, jointly help with Afghanistan’s reconstruction and development, and support Afghanistan’s effort to combat violent terrorist forces and contribute to regional peace, stability and prosperity.


When asked whether China officially recognizes the Afghan interim government, he said that China believed that Afghanistan should not be excluded from the international community.


“We hope Afghanistan will further respond to the expectations of the international community, build an open and inclusive political structure, adopt moderate and prudent domestic and foreign policies, firmly combat all forms of terrorist forces, develop friendly relations with other countries, especially with its neighbors, and integrate itself into the world community,” he added.


He said that the Chinese side believed that diplomatic recognition of the Afghan government would come naturally as the concerns of various parties were effectively addressed.