February 8 declared public holiday countrywide

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has declared February 8 (Thursday), the day the nation goes to poll for general elections, a public holiday nationwide. 

The election commission has also issued a notification for the holiday on Thursday, February 8.

According to the election commission, a maximum number of people will be able to exercise their right to vote due to the public holiday.

On Wednesday, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) made it clear that the polls will be held on February 8 across the country.

Chief Election Commissioner Sikander Sultan Raja presided over a meeting of the electoral watchdog in Islamabad. On this occasion, the CEC said: “No proposals are being reviewed about delaying the polls in KP and Balochistan.”

During the meeting, matters regarding the publication of ballot papers were also discussed.

The CEC stated: “After today, papers from the constituencies with printing regulations cannot be printed. The special features paper has been discontinued, and printing corporations are also facing a shortage of resources.”