Gwadar all set for General Elections 2024

By : Fatima Javed


The Gwadar constituency in Baluchistan Province is gearing up for the upcoming general elections 2024. The security, administrative, and transportation arrangements regarding the elections have been completed.

Talking in an exclusive interview Deputy Commissioner Gwadar, Aurangzeb Badini stated that the arrangements regarding the General Elections 2024 have been finalized and the timelines have been followed.

He said, “120 polling stations all over Gwadar will have around 1200 security personnel from law and enforcement agencies along with military support to make sure the elections are conducted peacefully across Gwadar.

“Strong competition is expected between Baluchistan National Party (BNP) and Haq Do Tehreek for the provincial assembly constituency PB 24 of Gwadar while the National Assembly seat NA 259 Kech cum Gwadar is shared with district Kech.It covers the southern parts of the district of Kech and the whole District of Gwadar in the province of Baluchistan,” Badini added.

Baluchistan government has completed all arrangements for the conducting of general elections in a free and transparent manner. The provision of basic facilities including water, electricity, and the construction of ramps for disabled persons are ensured in the polling stations on Election Day.

DC Gwadar confirmed that on February 7th the designated polling stations will be activated and on the next day, we will have the conduct of General Elections.“The city’s political landscape is abuzz with anticipation as voters gear up to cast their ballots and shape the region’s future. Let’s hope for a smooth and democratic electoral process,” he further added.

Gwadar, a pivotal city in the context of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), faces its future with optimism. Despite political and social fluctuations, the focus remains on maintaining harmony among all stakeholders and keeping a vigilant eye on progress.As the election approaches, the people of Gwadar eagerly await their chance to shape the region’s destiny at the ballot box.