Clouds of delay hover, as 88 candidates reported dead before Pakistan goes to polls

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : A somber cloud hangs over the upcoming elections as news emerges that 88 candidates vying for National and provincial assembly seats have passed away before the polls.

This includes nine National Assembly candidates and 79 provincial assembly hopefuls.

The tragedy has forced the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to postpone elections in three crucial constituencies: NA-8 Bajaur, PK-22, and PK-91 Kohat. These postponements stem from the murder of an independent candidate in NA-8 Bajaur and the deaths of separate candidates in the other two constituencies.

However, elections in the 85 remaining constituencies have not been postponed due to the deaths, sources said.

In total, the elections for one seat of the National Assembly and two seats of the provincial assemblies have been postponed.

While the ECP has not released details on the causes of death for the remaining 85 candidates who died before the final candidate lists were published, their passing nonetheless highlights the human cost associated with the electoral process.

This incident raises vital questions about the well-being of candidates and the potential need for enhanced health support during campaigns. As the nation mourns the deceased and grapples with the logistical challenges of the postponements, one thing remains clear: the human element of elections carries a significant weight.