Bilawal vows to block conspiracy to put Nawaz back in PM Office

SHIKARPUR (PEN) : Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto averred on Friday that the public was aware that only his party could address the prevailing challenges in the country.

Addressing a party election rally in Khanpur tehsil, Bilawal emphasised that the PPP would not let Mian Nawaz Sharif to become prime minister for the fourth time, referring to it as a “conspiracy”.

The PPP chief promised to generate employment opportunities for the youth and affirmed that the PPP would collaborate with the people to find solutions to their problems.

Acknowledging the country’s critical economic crisis, Bilawal highlighted that the people of Pakistan wanted a government capable of addressing the pressing issues, such as unemployment and inflation.

According to him, the PPP could tackle this public concern by implementing its comprehensive economic charter.

Bilawal affirmed that the PPP had been combatting poverty for three generations, and pledged to fulfil the mission of Quaid-e-Awam Zulfikar Ali Bhutto upon assuming power in the Feb 8 elections.

Bilawal slammed his political opponents, saying they wanted to divide the nation on the basis of ethnicity, caste and creed. He advised the people to put the stamp on the “arrow”, PPP’s electoral symbol, as a response to politicians pursuing divisive and hate-filled politics.

The PPP did not believe in hate, divisive and revenge politics, averred Bilawal, adding that if he assumed the charge as prime minister he would rid the country of this type of politics.

Expressing PPP’s commitment to politics of new thinking, Bilawal declared that his party did not believe in hate, divisive or revenge politics. He said if he assumed the role of prime minister, he would rid the country of such divisive politics.

Upon his arrival in Khanpur tehsil of Shikarpur district, Bilawal received a warm welcome from his party workers and supporters. They chanted slogans in his favours, and carried party flags and banners displaying the ‘arrow,’ PPP’s electoral symbol.