China’s State Council mulls measures to further improve business environment

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : China’s State Council  held an executive meeting, chaired by Premier Li Qiang, to mull measures to further improve the country’s business environment.

The meeting also witnessed the review and adoption of a guideline on the regulation, supervision and enforcement of fines, and decided to amend and repeal some administrative regulations.

Attendees were briefed on how to strengthen and improve emergency management, and made arrangements for recent and potential disasters resulting from rain, snow and freezing conditions.

It was stressed that building a market-oriented, law-based and internationalized business environment was an important measure to cope with the downward pressure on the economy and boost the confidence of business entities.

More should be done to respond to the prominent concerns of business entities, accelerate the development of a large and unified national market, strengthen the assessment of the consistency of macro-policy orientation, and create a stable, transparent and predictable policy environment, according to the meeting.

The meeting called for efforts to systematically manage administrative regulations involving fines.

It is necessary to intensify the rectification of arbitrary fines to better protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and the people, the meeting said.

The meeting decided to revise some provisions of eight administrative regulations, and repeal 13 administrative regulations.

Noting that emergency management is related to people’s safety and social stability, the meeting stressed strengthening the system of emergency response plans and effectively improve the country’s ability to respond to emergencies and prevent and defuse major security risks.

It also made arrangements to prevent and respond to disasters resulting from rain, snow and freezing weather, and asked authorities to do their utmost to reduce the adverse impacts of extreme weather, so that the people can have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival holiday.