Over 5,000 polling stations ready across Karachi’s 7 districts

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : In preparation for the upcoming general elections scheduled for February 8, authorities in Karachi have established a total of 5,336 polling stations across the city’s seven districts.

The stations have been categorised as normal, sensitive, and highly sensitive to ensure the smooth conduct of the electoral process.

Security breakdown 

District-wise, Karachi East stands out as the only district with 128 normal polling stations.

However, the situation is different in Malir, where 383 polling stations are classified as sensitive and 179 as highly sensitive. In Korangi, 170 polling stations are labeled sensitive, while a significant 582 are considered highly sensitive.

Joint security measures 

Recognising potential security threats, Rangers and Police in Karachi have collaborated to implement joint security measures, including a flag march and snap checking.

This initiative aims to address and deter possible acts of terrorism during the electoral process. Additionally, an extra force comprising 600 police personnel will be deployed across the city to ensure the safety and security of voters and polling stations.

Sensitive polling stations

Karachi West takes the lead in terms of security concerns, as all 676 polling stations in the district have been categorized as highly sensitive. This heightened security measure underscores the authorities’ commitment to maintaining peace and order during the electoral proceedings.

With security concerns looming, the rigorous security measures put in place by law enforcement agencies aim to safeguard the democratic process in Karachi. As the city braces for the general elections, the focus remains on creating a secure environment that allows citizens to exercise their right to vote without fear or intimidation.