Countdown begins: Last day for candidates to campaign tomorrow

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : Tomorrow, February 6, marks the final curtain call for candidates across Pakistan as the 2024 election campaign officially concludes at midnight. With the clock ticking down, candidates are making last-ditch efforts to sway voters across the country in their favour.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has declared the period following February 6 and 7 as a pre-poll silence period, strictly prohibiting campaigning activities like rallies, public meetings, and media appearances. This silent period is intended to provide voters with a space for reflection before they cast their ballots on February 8.

Despite the approaching deadline, the political temperature remains high across the country. Candidates are expected to utilize the remaining hours to hold final rallies, address public gatherings, and engage in door-to-door campaigning. Social media is also buzzing with intense online campaigns as parties and candidates make their final appeals.

However, after the clock strikes midnight tonight, the hustings will fall silent. Any candidate found flouting the ECP’s guidelines and engaging in campaigning activities during the pre-poll silence period will face strict action, including potential disqualification.

With the campaign period drawing to a close, attention now shifts to the crucial polling day. Over 128 million registered voters across Pakistan will have the opportunity to exercise their franchise and select their representatives for the 16th National Assembly and various provincial assemblies.

The pre-poll silence period serves as a reminder of the importance of a calm and reflective atmosphere before the elections. With campaigning concluding, both voters and candidates alike will have a chance to pause and contemplate their choices before the critical decision of February 8.