Biden maintains 9-point lead over Trump after chaotic 1st debate

Democrat U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden maintains a nine-point lead over President Donald Trump after their combative first debate, according to a Reuters/Ipsos polling that shows most Americans have settled on their choice for president little more than a month before the November 3 election. 

The most recent survey, conducted Tuesday through Thursday, found that 50 percent of likely voters were backing Biden, while 41 percent said they were voting for Trump. Four percent said they were voting for a third-party candidate and five percent were not sure. 

Biden has held the same nine-point advantage in six of the past seven national polls dating back to early September. 

The polling indicates that Biden remains an early favorite to win the national popular vote. To win the election, however, a candidate must prevail in enough states to win the Electoral College, and state polls show that Trump is nearly as popular as Biden in many battleground states.