Nawaz asks Murree constituents to vote wisely for a new dawn

MURREE (PEN) : Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) supremo Nawaz Sharif and party chief organiser Maryam Nawaz on Monday pledged to redevelop the country after coming to power.

During the power show in Murree just days before the general elections, Nawaz reiterated that the cost of essentials was much less when he was the prime minister than the present prices. He said he rid the people of the menace of loadshedding.

During his last stint in power, Nawaz claimed that the economy was flourishing and businesses were thriving.

He urged the people to vote responsibly as “vote can change the destiny of their generations.” He asked the constituents to stamp on the ‘tiger’ (electoral symbol of PML-N) on Feb 8 and become part of development and progress.

He criticised the judges who disqualified him. He said the country was devastated after his removal from office and today they (a reference to judges) were tendering resignations.

He hit out at the PTI founder by reminding the people of empty promises of five million houses, billion-tree projects and other such initiatives.

Nawaz promised to launch a train service from Rawalpindi to Kashmir via Murree. He said Murree, being a tourist spot, deserved development. He reminded the gathering the first metalled road that was buily by him was between Rawalpindi and Murree.

He recalled the dark day of Murree incident when the PTI founder, as prime minister, couldn’t come to help the people trapped in snow.

“Murree is my second home after Lahore and the picturesque hilly area and its people are close to my heart,” he said.

He said his party stood by the Kashmiris as he paid tribute to the sacrifices of martyrs.

Maryam Nawaz 

A visibly elated Maryam said, It is the responsibility of a ruler to serve the public and a ruler is accountable to his people and Allah.

He, along with Nawaz Sharif, pledged to solve the problems people of Murree had been facing by providing gas, health and educational facilities.

Maryam lauded the people, especially women, who came out of their homes to make the PML-N event a resounding success despite inclement weather.