Pakistan Navy rescues stranded Indian crew in Arabian Sea

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : Pakistan Navy and the Maritime Security Agency successfully rescued nine Indian citizens stranded in the Arabian Sea.

The joint search and rescue operation were initiated after a distress call from the boat ‘Sass Five,’ which was left adrift due to technical failure.

The vessel, which had departed from the Indian port of Dabhol en route to Sharjah on February 4, encountered engine trouble, leaving the nine Indian nationals onboard stranded at sea for over 24 hours.

Responding promptly to the distress call, Pakistan Navy and Maritime Security Agency deployed Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft and PMSS Kashmir for the search and rescue mission.

The PMSS Kashmir located the distressed boat and swiftly addressed the technical issues, ensuring the safety of the stranded crew.

The joint operation not only fixed the engine problem but also provided crucial medical assistance to the exhausted crew members.

Once repairs were completed and the crew deemed fit for travel, the boat was allowed to proceed towards its destination.

The timely and professional response of Pakistan Navy and Maritime Security Agency was commended by the crew of the ‘Sass Five.’

The spokesperson of the Pakistan Navy highlighted the routine nature of the search and rescue operation, showcasing the commitment to maritime security operations in the region.