ECP’ 24 hours central control room service to monitor polls, helpline 111-327-000 for public complainants functional: DG

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : The Additional Director General (DG) of Election Commission of Pakistan, Haroon Shinwari Tuesday said that the ECP is fully confident and prepared for the peaceful conduct of elections, and safe delivery of polling materials where 24-hour central control room service will address public grievances on priority.
Talking to a private news channel, he said that district-level central control rooms have been set up for strict monitoring of the election process and redress of grievances, adding, these control rooms will continue to function till the results of the elections are declared and the officers in the central control room will monitor the election process along with the monitoring team.
He said that the control room will maintain communication with relevant personnel and stakeholders, including preliminary findings, Returning Officers and District Returning Officers.
He said apart from WhatsApp, the complaints can be submitted through email at com­plaints@ecp.gov.pk, or the dedicated helpline 111-327-000.
The Election Commission has also been issuing warning notices to several candidates for violating the electoral code of conduct, he said, adding, the district monitoring teams appointed by the Election Commission in the provinces and federal capital Islamabad are also performing duties actively and removing prohibited advertising material and hoardings on daily basis.
Replying to a question, he said that the entire monitoring system set up by ECP aims to ensure a fair and transparent electoral process, adding, the purpose of monitoring is to maintain the atmosphere of peace and order at the polling stations and to make the election fair and transparent.
He said that returning officers (ROs) in remote areas will transfer the election results through the satellite system to the ECP.
Overall, approximately 90,000 polling stations have been established across the country for the February 8, 2024 poll, he mentioned.
The Electronic Management System will work in both the online and offline modes with 24-hour services, he added.