Public opinion in Punjab shows PTI popularity dipping, PML-N surging

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : A recent public opinion survey reveals a shift in political preferences, with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) experiencing a decline in popularity and the Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) witnessing a surge.

The survey, conducted by IRIS Communications in Punjab in January 2024, sheds light on voter sentiment ahead of the upcoming general elections, and reflects changes in the ranking of political parties.

The respondents also emphasise the importance of a stable government to solve the problems.

Key Findings:

  • PTI’s popularity drops: The survey indicates a significant decrease in support for PTI, with its popularity falling from 43% in 2023 to 35% in 2024. This suggests a potential decrease in voter turnout for the party in the upcoming elections.
  • PML-N gains ground: Conversely, PML-N has seen a rise in popularity, jumping from 31% in 2023 to 43% in 2024. Central Punjab appears to be a key driver of this increase, with the party gaining significant support in the region.
  • Stable government in demand: Nearly half of the respondents (48%) believe that PML-N will form the next government. Furthermore, a significant majority (54%) see a stable government as the solution to Pakistan’s various geographical, political, social, and economic challenges. Political stability is viewed as crucial for achieving prosperity in the country.


The survey results suggest a tightening race between PTI and PML-N in Punjab, the most populous province in Pakistan. The decline in PTI’s popularity could indicate potential challenges for the party in the upcoming elections. Conversely, the surge in support for PML-N, particularly in Central Punjab, might bolster their chances of forming the next government.