Azerbaijan prepares for historic nationwide elections

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : Azerbaijan gears up for its presidential elections on 7th February 2024, marking a significant shift in the country’s political landscape.

This election, the first of its kind in Azerbaijan, will see voting take place nationwide in a covert manner.

It signifies a pivotal moment in Azerbaijan’s history, announcing the restoration of its autonomy and the dawn of a new era.

The re-election of Ilham Aliyev is underpinned by hopes for societal and economic advancement.

Recent years have witnessed substantial growth in Azerbaijan’s GDP, soaring from $7.3 billion to $78.7 billion between 2022 and 2023.

State expenditure also surged from $1.2 billion to $36.6 billion, while strategic currency reserves swelled from $1.4 billion to $66.1 billion.

Furthermore, the average monthly wage climbed from 77.4 manats to 839.4 manats, alongside a remarkable reduction in the poverty rate from over 44.7% to 5.5%.

This electoral contest follows Azerbaijan’s successful reclaiming of territories previously under Armenian occupation, marking a significant milestone in its quest for regional integrity and autonomy.

However, challenges persist, with nearly one million internally displaced Azerbaijanis still seeking to return to their homes.

Azerbaijan’s hosting of major international events, including Formula 1, Islamic Solidarity Games, and COP-29, underscores its growing global stature.

Moreover, Azerbaijan’s election as an independent chairperson for the non-aligned movement during its UN Security Council chairmanship is emblematic of its international influence.

Amidst global attention, Pakistan joins observers worldwide in extending best wishes for Azerbaijan’s electoral process.

Recognized by the international media, Azerbaijan’s journey towards democratic governance continues to captivate the world’s attention.