Ex-KP CM Mahmood Khan faces big upset in PK-10

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : Former KP chief minister Mahmood Khan on Friday faced an upset against independent candidate Muhammad Naeem in PK-10.

Naeem emerged victorious with 21681 votes.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-Parliamentarians (PTI-P) leader could only amass 10537 votes.

– Pervez Khattak, relatives face biggest political upset –

PTI-P Chairman Pervez Khattak and his two sons and son-in-law faced the biggest political upset.

Independent candidate Mian Muhammad Umar had clinched victory against Khattak with 38384 votes in PK-88.

Khattak could only collect 9009 votes.

Moreover, Khattak’s son-in-law, Ali Khattak, had also been defeated in PK-89.

Khattak’s sons, Ismail Khattak and Ibrahim Khattak, had also faced defeat from PK-85 and PK-86, respectively.