Punjab Assembly: PML-N gets big win in provincial assembly seats leaving behind independent candidates

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : Unofficial results from the Punjab Assembly elections have revealed a significant victory for the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), with independent candidates trailing behind in several constituencies.

As per the unofficial results, PML-N has established a commanding lead in 297 constituencies of the Punjab Assembly, securing victory in 32 seats. Meanwhile, independent candidates have emerged as significant contenders, clinching 13 seats.

However, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is yet to release the official results.


In PP-158, Shehbaz Sharif, President of PML-N, emerged victorious with 38,642 votes, defeating independent candidate Yousaf Wali who garnered 23,847 votes.


PML-N’s Maryam Nawaz secured the win with 23,354 votes, surpassing independent candidate Mehar Sharafat Ali, who trailed behind with 21,191 votes.



PML-N’s dominance was evident in other constituencies as well. In PP-20 Chakwal-1, Sultan Haider Ali Khan secured victory with 52,450 votes, while independent candidate Ali Nasir Khan garnered 43,250 votes.


In PP-21 Chakwal-2, PML-N’s Tanveer Aslam Malik emerged victorious with 83,055 votes, defeating Tariq Mehmood Afzal, who secured 75,142 votes.


In PP-146, PML-N candidate Ghazali Saleem Butt secured victory with 30,587 votes, leaving independent candidate Junaid Razzaq behind with 28,515 votes.


In PP-147, Hamza Shehbaz, a prominent PML-N leader, secured victory with 51,838 votes, while independent candidate Muhammad Khan Madni followed closely with 46,494 votes. Tehreek e Labaik candidate Azam Waheed secured the third position with 17,022 votes.


In PP-148, PML-N candidate Mujtaba Shujaur Rahman emerged victorious with 37,998 votes, while Saba Deewan, the runner-up, secured 31,560 votes.


Khawaja Imran Nazeer of PML-N secured victory with 34,956 votes in PP-150 defeating opposition candidate Abdul Karim Khan by a narrow margin of 30,314 votes.


In PP-152, PML-N’s Malik Muhammad Waheed emerged victorious with 34,664 votes, outpacing independent candidate Noman Majeed, who secured 29,676 votes.


PML-N leader Khawaja Salman Rafique clinched victory with 35,232 votes in PP-153 Lahore,, while independent candidate Mian Awais Anjum trailed behind with 33,027 votes.


In PP-160, PML-N’s Asad Ali secured the win with 26,781 votes, surpassing independent candidate Azam Khan Niazi, who garnered 21,249 votes.


PP-166 witnessed another victory for PML-N, with Malik Anas Mehmood securing the provincial assembly seat with 32,270 votes, leaving independent candidate Khalid Mehmood Gujjar in second place with 30,611 votes.


In PP-211 Khanewal-7, PML-N’s Rana Muhammad Saleem emerged victorious with an impressive 53,727 votes, while independent candidate Imran Pervaiz trailed far behind with 8,511 votes.


In PP-224 Multan, PML-N’s Malik Laal Muhammad secured victory with 44,264 votes, defeating Muhammad Abbas Bukhari, who managed to secure only 28,433 votes.


In PP-232 Vehari-4 constituency, PML-N’s Nosher Khan Anjum Langrial emerged victorious with 33,151 votes, while JI’s candidate Ali Waqas became the runner-up with 26,206 votes.

While the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) secured victories in many constituencies, there were instances where their candidates faced defeat at the hands of independent contenders across various districts of Punjab.

PP-1 Attock

In a notable upset, in PP-1 Attock constituency, independent candidate Qazi Ahmed Akhbar Khan emerged victorious with 49,257 votes, defeating PML-N’s Jahangir Khanzada, who secured 36,443 votes.PP-31


In PP-31 Gujrat-6, PML-Q candidate Shafay Hussain emerged victorious with 64,132 votes, defeating an independent candidate who garnered 48,311 votes.


Similarly, in PP-32, PML-Q’s Chaudhary Salik Hussain secured victory with 55,615 votes, overcoming PTI-backed independent candidate Pervez Elahi, who managed 44,713 votes.


The unofficial results of Mianwali-2 PP-86 declared Ameenullah Khan the winner with an impressive 85,318 votes, leaving independent candidate Adil Abdullah Khan far behind with 19,794 votes.


In PP-92 Bakhar-4, independent candidate Muhammad Amir Anayat Shahani clinched victory with 41,084 votes, defeating another independent candidate, Rafiq Ahmed Khan Niazi, who scored 32,941 votes.


In PP-155, independent candidate Sheikh Imtiaz emerged victorious with 36,717 votes, while PML-N’s Naeem Shehzad trailed behind with 30,898 votes.


This Punjab Assembly constituency witnessed PTI-backed independent candidate Aslam Iqbal’s victory with 61,847 votes, while PML-N’s Mehar Ishtiaq Ahmed faced defeat with 36,955 votes.


In PP-172, PML-N leader Rana Mashhood was defeated by independent candidate Misbah Wajid, who secured 31,378 votes, while Rana Mashhood trailed with 28,647 votes.


In PP-195 Pakpattan-3, independent candidate Imran Akram Jutt emerged victorious with 50,870 votes, leaving PML-N’s Kashif Ali Chishti with 37,643 votes.


In PP-203 Sahiwal-6, independent candidate Rai Muhammad Murtaza Iqbal secured victory with 55,874 votes, defeating PML-N’s Muhammad Hanif, who managed 35,163 votes.


Sahiwal-7, independent candidate Muhammad Ghulam Sarwar emerged victorious with 60,438 votes, while Adil Saeed Chaudhary, another candidate, became the runner-up with 33,722 votes.


Independent candidate Syed Salman Shahid Mehdi defeated PML-N candidate Irfan Aqeel Doltana with 44,950 votes, leaving the runner-up with 30,570 votes.

These results demonstrate the diverse political landscape in Punjab, with independent candidates showcasing strong performances in several constituencies, challenging the traditional party dynamics.

The victory of PML-N candidates in multiple constituencies underscores the party’s continued influence in Punjab, while independent candidates have also showcased significant support from voters across various regions.