Police thwart attack on Mianwali checkpost by over a dozen terrorists

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : The Punjab Police successfully foiled a brazen attack by a group of 12 to 13 terrorists on the Qubul Khan checkpost in Mianwali early on Monday morning.

The assailants, armed with sophisticated weaponry, launched a fierce assault on the border post, aiming to breach security measures and wreak havoc.

According to a spokesperson for the Punjab Police, the terrorists initiated heavy gunfire using modern firearms, posing a significant threat to the safety and security of the area. However, the quick and strategic response from the deployed officers, coupled with the utilization of advanced technology, enabled the police to thwart the attack effectively.

“The deployed officers foiled the attack with strategy and modern technology,” stated the spokesperson, highlighting the proactive measures taken by law enforcement to counter the imminent threat.

Due to the intensity of the firefight, the terrorists ultimately fled the scene. The spokesperson confirmed that a search operation to apprehend the perpetrators was underway, with the Mianwali district police officer (DPO) personally overseeing the operation.

“The terrorists escaped due to heavy firing by the police,” remarked the spokesperson, underscoring the resolute determination of the Punjab Police in safeguarding the region against terrorist activities.

Acknowledging the valour and dedication of the personnel stationed at border police check posts, the inspector general of Punjab Police emphasized their crucial role as frontline soldiers in the ongoing battle against terrorism.

“The jawans at border police checkposts are frontline soldiers against terrorism,” the IGP stated, lauding the bravery and commitment displayed by the officers in protecting the integrity of the nation’s borders and ensuring the safety of its citizens.

As investigations continue and security measures are reinforced, the Punjab Police remain on high alert, prepared to confront any further threats to peace and stability in the region.