PTI’s Rawalpindi leaders booked in FIR after protest

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : The aftermath of Sunday’s protest in Rawalpindi has led to legal repercussions for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), as the police registered a case against 62 PTI-supported independent candidates, including Seemabia Tahir and Ajmal Sabir.

The Rawalpindi police initiated legal action against PTI leadership and activists following the protest held outside the district election commissioner’s office. The case, registered under Section 144, encompasses charges including official interference, road blocking, and other related provisions.

Sub-Inspector Abdul Ghafoor, stationed at the Sadiqabad police station, filed the case yesterday, naming 62 individuals, including PTI-backed Seemabia Tahir and Ajmal Sabir, as defendants. The protest, deemed in violation of Section 144, which prohibits public gatherings and demonstrations, prompted swift action from law enforcement authorities.

The protest, allegedly organized in support of the aforementioned PTI-supported independent candidate and her associates, led to disruptions and blockages in the vicinity of the District Election Commission office, prompting intervention from the authorities.

As tensions simmer in the aftermath of the protest, PTI leadership and workers find themselves entangled in legal proceedings, raising questions about the party’s strategies and actions in the lead-up to the upcoming elections.

The case marks another episode in the ongoing political dynamics in Rawalpindi, with implications for PTI’s electoral prospects and its standing within the local community. As the legal process unfolds, stakeholders await further developments and potential ramifications for all parties involved in the contentious protest incident.