ECP orders vote recount in NA-49, 50 on complaints by Tahir Sadiq, Iman Tahir

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : The Election Commission of Pakistan has ordered a recount in two constituencies of the National Assembly in Attock.

The electoral landscape is experiencing significant turbulence, as challenges and recount orders have been issued. Tahir Sadiq from NA-49 and Iman Tahir from NA-50 have both lodged challenges, prompting the election commission to order recounts for these constituencies.

Meanwhile, in the ECP has also issued orders to halt the results for PP-43, PP-42, PP-15, and NA-69 constituencies. The commission has directed the ROs concerned to submit a report, with the hearing adjourned until February 15.

In PP-15 Rawalpindi, lawyer Sardar Raziq has claimed that his independent candidate, Ziad Khaleeq Kayani, had secured more votes than PML-N candidate Malik Mansoor. However, concerns were raised as the RO allegedly issued Form 47 in their absence, prompting further scrutiny into the electoral process.

Similarly, in NA-69 Mandi Bahauddin, the results have been withheld pending further investigation. According to Form 45, independent candidate Kausar Parveen was leading in the constituency.

In PP-42, independent candidate Sajid Nawaz emerged victorious, while Chaudhry Muhammad Nawaz, another independent candidate, clinched victory in PP-43. The election commission has ordered a halt to the results for NA-69, PP-42, and PP-43, directing the submission of a report from the relevant authorities.

The hearing for these cases has been adjourned until February 15, indicating a prolonged period of uncertainty and legal proceedings as stakeholders await further developments in the electoral process in Attock.