Court stops Netherlands regarding delivery of F-35 parts to Israel

ISLAMABAD (PEN) : THE Hague: After the human rights organization filed an appeal on Monday the Dutch court ordered that the Netherlands is required to stop providing F-35 spares to Israel.

The group had argued that Israel is violating international law in the war against Hamas and the parts delivery is the contributing factor to these violations.

The court said in its ruling that within the next seven days must cease all exports and transit of F-35 spare parts to Israel.

Due to existing export agreements, the U.S-owned F-35 spare parts are stored at a warehouse in the Netherlands and then shipped to several partners including Israel.

Human rights groups argue that by providing spares to Israel Netherlands is contributing to serious human rights violations in the war in Gaza.

Authorities in the Netherlands stated that “they were not sure if they even had the authority to interfere within the deliveries which are a U.S managed operation that provides parts to all F-35 partners”.

The lawyers of the Dutch government also argued that if the Netherlands did not supply parts of the F-35 jets Israel could buy or procure them from anywhere else.

Furthermore, the International Court of Justice in The Hague said that the state of Israel must take every possible to stop genocide in the Gaza Strip.

One of the human rights organizations named PAX Netherlands said that “the decision strengthens our confidence in a positive ruling in our case”.