Bank Alfalah, partners to launch e-ticketing services in Pakistan

In a move towards further digitize payments in Pakistan, Bank Alfalah has announced that they have launched e-ticketing services across its 120+ Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs) deployed in Pakistan.

This partnership aims to create a convenient and accessible e-ticketing experience for anyone accessing these CDMs.

As per details, the Cash Deposit Machine is a self-service terminal that enables instant deposits and payment transactions. Each confirmed transaction is instantly approved and a printed slip issued to the users. In order to access these CDMs, the users are required to enter their valid CNIC number, and a thumbprint scan for biometric verification.

With the help of this integration, walk-in users can purchase discounted tickets from the largest portfolio of buses, airlines, cinemas, and events available by following a few simple steps. The process starts off by the selection of the e-ticketing category on the CDM, followed by entering the required information, scanning for biometric verification, selection of an e-ticket, and eventually depositing the cash to complete the transaction. The payment confirmation is done in real-time and an e-ticket is issued to the user immediately followed by an SMS & email confirmation.

“We are constantly striving to provide our customers with the most user-friendly and secure digital payment solutions. By collaborating with, we have the opportunity to offer our customers a quick and hassle-free service to purchase tickets. We attach great importance to leveraging the potential of new technologies to continue simplifying the transaction processes for our users, and this partnership is yet another example of it.” stated Yahya Khan, Group Head – Digital Banking, Bank Alfalah.

“We are very excited to build on our partnership with Bank Alfalah to develop seamless digital ticketing solutions that add value and convenience to customers. As a customer-centric platform, we are trying to create a seamless digital experience for users at every touchpoint across all of the channels. We are thrilled to further our partnership with one of the most innovative banks in Pakistan which shares our objective of disrupting the e-ticketing ecosystem across the country.” said Faizan Aslam, CEO – Bookme.