CAA issues SOPs for domestic passengers

Amid the rise in number of coronavirus cases, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued new rules for the domestic air transport department.

As per details, the rules will remain applicable till December 31 under which no person apart from airport staff and passengers will be allowed to go beyond the parking area. Whereas, no one will be able to enter the passenger terminal building without a mask

People other than passengers will be barred from entering the lounge from the airport. The CAA said that it would be the responsibility of the air manager to ensure social distance between the boarding bridge and the departure lounge.

Airlines will be required to provide briefing counters and sanitizers to every passenger while all passengers and crew will be required to wear masks and comply with other SOPs.

Furthermore, the aircraft must be disinfected in accordance with the SOPs before boarding the passengers. The presence of PPAs on each aircraft will be ensured while the cabin crew will be required to provide hand sanitizers to the passengers every hour.

CAA said that the protocol would be binding on passengers on domestic flights. The requirement to wear a mask is mandatory on all parts of the airport and on board. Whereas, social distance, hand sanitizer and mask must be ensured while boarding and disembarking.