Economic diplomacy: Govt sets up Economic Outreach Apex Committee

The government has set up a high-level committee for economic diplomacy, the notification of which has also been issued.

As per the to a notification issued by the National Security Division Prime Minister’s Office, an Economic Outreach Apex Committee and Coordination Group comprising of 13 ministries have been set up for economic diplomacy.

The Economic Outreach Apex Committee will be headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan and includes four Chief Ministers, Prime Minister Azad Kashmir, Federal Ministers for Foreign Affairs, Science and Technology Minister and Information Minister, alongside Finance and Commerce Adviser.

The committee will review the country’s economic indicators, as well as set economic goals and formulate strategies to achieve them.

Furthermore, the Special Assistant for National Security has been appointed Convener of the Economic Outreach Coordination Group. The Coordination Group includes Chief Secretaries and Secretaries of Ministries.

The Coordination Group will present an effective action plan to improve the country’s economy.