Pakistan’s stance over the Hong Kong issue at UN praised by China

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying during her regular briefing praised Pakistan for speaking in favor of China over the issue of Hong Kong. Earlier, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative Munir Akram Spoke on behalf of 55 countries at a UN panel and termed Hong Kong as an internal issue of China and reminded the UN of the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign countries.


China thanked Pakistan on Friday for extending a strong support on its position on Hong Kong-related issue during a debate at the United Nations General Assembly’s (UNGA) Third Committee earlier this week.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying told her regular briefing that over 70 countries voiced their support to China on Hong Kong and Xinjiang-related issues during the Third Committee discussion between October 5 and 8.

Speaking on behalf of 55 countries at a UN panel on Tuesday, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative Munir Akram had said that Hong Kong was China’s internal matter and stressed the need for non-interference in the domestic affairs of the sovereign states.

”First, I like to say thank you to Pakistani government and people,” Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Hua Chunying remarked in response to a question about a statement made by Ambassador Akram.

“So far, 57 countries have made a joint statement on Hong Kong-related issues and 48 countries made a joint statement on Xinjiang related issue,” she said, adding that Pakistan and other countries’ justified voices showed once again that the people could speak right and wrong.

Spokesperson Hua said that Pakistan and Cuba represented the relevant countries and delivered speeches, highlighting that China’s implementation of Hong Kong National Security Law was good for the steady implementation of the “One country two systems”.

Akram responded to a statement made by Germany that expressed concern at the impact of China’s new national security law in Hong Kong. Hua hailed the Pakistani envoy’s remarks that “Hong Kong people’s legal rights and freedom can be more guaranteed in a safe environment”.

She pointed out that these countries also supported China’s measures in Xinjiang to deal with terrorism and extremism and to protect people’s rights, and opposed politicisation and double standards on human rights issue besides rejecting accusation and interference in China.

The spokesperson observed that some Western countries’ attempts to smear China had failed again. “The struggle between developing countries, including China, and several Western countries, including the US, is a matter of principle and right and wrong,” Hua said.

She told reporters that during the national day vacations, Xinjiang residents also enjoyed the holidays and showed that the region had become one of the major destinations during the vacations as it received over 15.35 million tourists.

Many online video clips showed the Xinjiang people of all ethnic groups dancing and celebrating the vacations. “I believe their happy smiling faces can be the best demonstration of their human rights in Xinjiang,” Hua noted.