Punjab may witness second COVID-19 wave, another lockdown as cases rise

Punjab is gradually heading towards a second wave of the novel coronavirus after Lahore has once again appeared as the highest risk city where the virus is spreading fast.

On Sunday, the province reported the highest number since August 15 after 203 people tested positive for COVID-19. In August, it had reported 210 infections. Five people also lost their battle with coronavirus in the past 24 hours.

Out of the 203 new cases, Lahore reported 106 infections. Health officials have warned that the province may witness an increase in the cases due to violations of the standard operating procedures in educational institutions, parks and shopping malls.

On Monday, a Punjab cabinet committee is going to meet on an emergent basis to review the situation, a senior officer told . He said the health department would present its report in this regard.

If more than two confirmed cases of the virus in a street of any city is detected, then a smart lockdown would be enforced, the official said, adding that in the case of more than 10 such cases, there would be a complete lockdown.

In the past months, Punjab government had enforced 856 micro smart lockdowns in all the 36 districts of the province.

So far, Punjab has reported 100,764 and 2,258 deaths.