Japan plans to recruit Pakistani tech workers

Amid a chronic shortage for skilled labour, Japan makes efforts to hire tech workers from Pakistan.

According to Kuninori Matsuda, the Japanese ambassador to Pakistan, there are 300,000 skilled information technology engineers in Pakistan, which can fill up vacant positions at several Japanese tech companies.

Both countries hope to coordinate together as each will assign officials in their embassies to facilitate the movement of tech labor. A Pakistani diplomat will soon be posted in its embassy in Tokyo to manage the incoming tech labour from Pakistan.

Future plans also include an increase in staffing at the Japanese embassy in Pakistan to connect tech workers in Pakistan with Japanese companies that are interested in hiring them. The Japanese embassy also plans to support these professionals with their visa-related work.

Matsuda adds that small and mid-size companies in Japan are increasingly embracing IT, however, they find it difficult to source skilled labour at home.

Both Japan and Pakistan are looking forward to creating more opportunities for dialogue and cooperation in a variety of areas, according to the Japanese ambassador.