Intra-Afghan talks progressing “in a good manner”, says Afghan Taliban spokesperson

DOHA: In a statement on Thursday, Dr. Muhammad Naeem, Chief Spokesperson for the Political Office of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, revealed that in a recent round of talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government, both parties suggested that “the process [should] be pushed forward in a good manner”.

Dr. Naeem, who is a member of the negotiating team representing the Islamic Emirate, only a few days prior hailed the ceasefire as a historic step, albeit admitting that they have yet to reach a stage in which they can formally negotiate, adding that “We have not started the talks formally yet. We have been discussing rules of procedure. We have not yet discussed any issue that can create hurdles. I am however hopeful that we will make the headway”.

Furthermore, when asked about the Taliban’s commitment to the peace process, and their willingness to make concessions, Dr. Naeem added that “we are sincere for negotiation and peace. We negotiated for about 18 months with the US government and reached a conclusion. We will do whatever we can to have peace in the country. We will make progress”.

From what can be deduced from the stalling intra-Afghan talks, both parties have yet to reach a direct negotiation on the agenda of the peace deal itself, working on the structural and procedural issues instead – to which Dr. Naeem stated today that, “the contested points were discussed […] so a final agreement about the procedures is reached as soon as possible, and after that the agenda will be discussed”.