Pak Africa Trade & Expo Centre setup in Johannesburg to boost Pakistan economy

Muhammad Rafiq Memon, Founder Chairman, Pakistan Southern Africa Trade Federation (PSATF), has announced the establishment of the first Pak-Africa Trade and Expo Center, to be inaugurated in March 2021 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Memon in an interview presented a detailed plan of the aims and objectives of the trade center and the facilities available to traders and manufacturers at different stages.

He said that the PSATF established the PATAEC on self-help basis to help boost the economy of Pakistan.

In this way, products manufactured in Pakistan will be fully introduced across the continent of Africa, thus the center will act as a global changer between Pakistan and Africa.

The trade center will have different phases. In the first phase, display center of all Pakistani products and information literature related to companies and products will be provided. Meetings of companies and product marketing will be arranged while in the second phase, the most important need of the hour will be the launch of online services, with regular secretariat staff at the Pakistan-Africa Trade and Expo Center (PATAEC) to guide traders.

In the third phase, efforts will be made to provide warehouse facilities to traders and their company’s products at reasonable prices to ensure timely delivery of goods in case of online sales and bookings. Mechanisms will be put in place under the consultation of traders and companies to ensure transparency in such dealings.

In addition, various representative banks will also be included in it so that LC or other commercial matters can be easily resolved. In this regard, the Pakistan Southern Africa Trade Federation has decided to form a legal board to facilitate the resolution of legal complications faced by traders.

The first Pakistan-Africa Trade Center will be inaugurated in the first quarter of 2021 in Johannesburg under the auspices of Pakistan Southern Africa Trade Federation. Memon expressed the hope that after the launch of this trade center, Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves would add several billion dollars in exports, which would be a good omen for the country.

The Trade Center will provide Product Display Center, Conference Hall, Mutual Meetings of Pakistani and African Traders and other business and communication facilities for the promotion of Pakistani products, in this regard.